Shining beacons of lighting inspiration, specially chosen from various sources and compiled into a single blog post for a dose of Friday fun.  Painting with light, unusual geometric lamps and a staircase installation from the Wismar project. Not to mention some 3D photography. Enjoy!



Darcy Prendergast and the creative team at OH YEAH WOW have paired with

ALL INDIA RADIO to create this highly atmospheric music video

Darcy Prendergast | OH YEAH WOW | ALL INDIA RADIO


'lamp e' from serbian studio kako.ko translates geometric elements
into a versatile industrial piece.


Designboom | kako.ko design studio | Images by orange studio


First Test for the Staircase Installation - Color, Light and Shadow


Staircase Group students:

Olga Galkova | Fernanda Montecinos | Darío Nuñez | Volha Pakholkava | Natasa Rajic | Menekse Seyma Kaya | Julie Wangsajaya | Linlin Yang



Lighting up Brazil in spectacular style

Torre Band Iluminação Philips | Uploaded by rodrigosobral1910



We all know that a great photograph is all about the lighting. Well Lytro took that fact and did something about it.

TechCrunch has an indepth interview with their CEO.


Via TechCrunch |

A blast of lighting inspiration, handpicked from the Internet and compiled into a single blog post to end your week on a high.  We have found lots of great videos today. A graffiti artist working with light, an instructional video on how to construct a cardboard chandelier and a music video from Oslo. We also found a bench held up by balloons (can you guess how it is done?) and an iPod dock worth at least a couple of carats! Enjoy.




[NAWER vs TEMPORARY SPACE | Uploaded by Radek Drozdowicz]


Ever wondered what a cardboard chandelier would look like?


[KARTONKLUNKER by Claudia Link]


Balloon bench and lamp (click on the picture to see the bench)


[ | Ikunori Yamamoto | Ikunori Yamamoto Designer: h220430]


The Black Diamond that *sings


[ | Designer: Ken Ouyang on CKIE | *iPod required]


Music video involving cool lights in abandoned buildings in Oslo


[Cold mailman - Time is of the essence | Uploaded André Chocron]

Ready for the weekend? Why not end with a blast of lighting inspiration. We have compiled a selection of links including: an amazing office, a strange sea creature, a moment of inspiration, a museum of glass, a man in a room and a car park! Enjoy.

The Cirrata Octopus Lamp "Unexpected experiences and surprises wait deep down on the ocean floor" 


[Designboom | Markus Johansson Cirrata Octopus Lamp]


Before and After: Walmart Parking lot LED retrofit 


[Pegasus Lighting | Walmart]



Where does inspiration come from?


[Hiroomi Tahara: Cap Lamp Collection via DesignBoom]


Drawing in 3D or 'Spatial Sketching' as Lukas has called it 



[Spatial Sketching by Lukas Franciszkiewicz]


Would you like to work in an office like this?


[Coordination Asia Shanghai office via]


Shanghai Museum of Glass    


[Logon via]



The European HOPE (Health Optimisation Protocol for Energy-efficient buildings) project explored the topic of worker comfort and related issues by surveying thousands of people in different countries. Myriam Aries’ team sought to get a better understanding of the relationships between three influencing factors (building, social and personal) and perceived comfort.


**Free download below: “Comfort of workers in office buildings: The European HOPE project”**


Key findings


She believes their study will help define what building facilities managers could do to improve conditions in offices. Comfort, say Aries and her colleagues, is about a good deal more than cosy chairs, a warm environment and plush fittings. It is to some degree about people’s perceptions. “If you give people attention, you will improve their comfort and satisfaction. You need to give people control over their environment,” she says.


Attention must be paid.  Of course, design is bound to mean some top-down decision making – such as the type of heating installed. Nevertheless, a great deal can be done to give employees a sense of empowerment. Aries’ study showed that responding quickly to complaints makes a difference. In a building in Bristol, UK, occupants were satisfied with conditions due to the swift response of facilities managers to complaints, followed by a detailed explanation.


“If there is a complaint about temperature, if you give them feedback and look at the problem, this is likely to make them feel more comfortable because you are taking them seriously. The manager makes a significant difference to the sense of comfort,” states Aries. It is perhaps not surprising to find the opposite is true too; managers usually feel more comfortable if they have their own office and can control their inner space, according to the study’s findings.


A room setting of one’s own?  Equally, office workers will probably feel more comfortable if they can make their own decisions and should operators rely solely on automated systems to run offices, they should be prepared for the possibility of staff interference. For instance, workers will feel better if they can dim or switch off their own lights rather than relying on a system for the whole open plan office – otherwise they might, for example, tape the light switch. Tests have also shown that office workers may well tolerate conditions that might normally appear uncomfortable (eg: high temperatures), so long as they have the option to control it themselves with curtains, windows and so on.




Closing comments


Significantly, satisfaction with the layout of the office had the largest effect on perceived comfort. It would have been interesting to go one step further and explore what proponents of generative architecture are saying, that designing workplaces with open plan arrangements rather than dividing the space into units improves comfort and encourages those informal exchanges that produce great ideas, but there is still much to learn from the research.


  • Do the research results match your experiences? 


  • Even if you're not surprised by the findings, if you’re planning a new design, does research data like this give you supporting arguments for your recommended approach?


For more insight, download the attached research article entitled, "Comfort of workers in office buildings: The European HOPE project," originally published in Building and Environment.


Additional reading






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Philips Lighting has just launched an exciting new competition in lighting: Light World Tour.





Anyone who’s working in the field of lighting or inspired by lighting is invited to sign up. The winner of Light World Tour will enjoy the trip of a lifetime: a 3-month world tour of the most inspiring and innovative lighting sights on earth. The chosen traveler will also have the opportunity to conduct interviews with leading designers, architects, technology experts and artists in the field, blogging the experience every step of the way with video and photos.


How it works



  • The winner will be selected by a professional jury chaired by Philips Lighting’s Vice President and Chief Design Officer, Rogier van der Heide.




For more information...

You can find criteria for entries and online submissions on the Philips 2011 Light World Tour site and keep up with the latest #LightWT announcements on Twitter.


Key dates
  • Light World Tour kicks off on June 1, 2011.


  • The deadline for submissions and user votes is midnight PST on August 8, 2011.


  • The winner will be announced 12 August, 2011.



Just in time! End your week with a visual feast. These links are all about capturing natural beauty through human constructions and bringing a little sparkle to your eye.



"One small step for man..." Many many CFLs. Click on the moon for more:


[Colossal | Wang Yuyang]


Glittering nighttime London, from above. Click on the image for more:


[Collthings | Jason Hawkes]



A lushly lit paper-cut stop-animation




The precise moment of an explosion, lit and captured. Click below for more:


[bumbumbum | Herczeg & Kaehr]



Straight out of a dream, the Hilton Pattaya stuns with swaying and rippling fabric fans, to see the rest of the lobby, click below:


[Dezeen | Department of Architecture]


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