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Philips hir1 / 9011 bulb ?

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I recently purchased a replacement bulb for my 2003 chev avalanche high beam ( original equipment was a ge hir1 ) and

when I received a replacement bulb from the dealer it is a Philips

replacement bulb also labeled hir1/9011 but the bulb itself looks

like a standard 9005 bulb. My concern is that I paid almost $40.00

for this bulb that looks to be a standard 9005 that costs $6.00 .

I am sure that Philips has designed this bulb to high standards

but please reasure me that I got my money's worth !




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    The HIR bulb has an infrared reflective coating that increases the visible light output by capturing some of the heat energy (infrared) produced and reflecting it back toward the filament to make it burn hotter & brighter. It's a relatively new technology, the bulb is expensive, and the bulb base IS DIFFERENT than a 9005, even though it looks the same.

    You say the truck is a 2003? I'm surprised that the bulb replacement cost wasn't covered by the factory warrantee on the vehicle.

  • 2. Philips hir1 / 9011 bulb ?
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    The warranty doesn't cover bulbs ... not happy about that.. but

    the philips bulb doesn't appear to have any coating inside or outside of the bulb except for the markings and different socket

    tabs - it looks identical to a philips 9005 bulb - totally different from

    the ge hir1/9011 bulb. My guess is that the philips 9011 isn't a hir

    bulb but a regular bulb that has the same output and life as a ge 9011 bulb. By the way the bulb doesn't seem to be as bright as the remaining ge 9011 on the right side of the truck. I also wonder

    about the life of a "boosted" bulb - I thought that hir ( halogen infired reflected ) bulbs had a much greater output and life than standard halogen bulbs for the same wattage. In fact philips makes

    hir bulbs in home lighting mr16 12volt sizes.




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