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The Weekly Links get in motion

Posted by lightcommunity@2d298ece3a00485182d4941ac6c3f0ea in TalkLight on Aug 9, 2012 7:07:02 PM 1939 Views

A psychedelic LED Lightshow has turned Bleeker Street Subway Station in New York into a hive of activity


Have you ever experienced an eye opening lighting system on your travels?

(let us know in the comments section below)



PHOTOS: Psychedelic LED Hive Lightshow Opens in Bleeker Street Subway Station - StumbleUpon




See some amazing images of Earth from space including some showing the light layout across every landmass by night



20 Amazing Images of Earth as Seen From Space




A programable LED cube dazzles as it creates an amazing light show



LED cube 8x8x8 demo - YouTube




This LED video coat takes mobile entertainment to new lengths



Video Coat is alive - YouTube




Get transfixed by this OLED organic wave



The LivingSculpture 3D Module System | Design Milk


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