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The new light of the Montparnasse Tower unveiled at the first night of the spring

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The first night of spring 2012 marked a new page in the history of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. Wednesday 21 March at 19:30, the new lighting design of the Tower was inaugurated. Almost 40 years after its construction, the Montparnasse Tower will be lighted every night, according to different light scenarios which will change with the seasons. Thanks to this new lighting, the tower becomes a major visual mark of the Parisian night-panorama.


   XB-Philips-Montparnasse-2012_03_12-12_239x358.jpg   XB-Philips-Montparnasse-2012_03_12-14_238x358.jpg

A project conveying the values of prestige, adaptability and sustainability


On behalf of the co-owners of the Tour Maine Montparnasse real estate, the lighting designer, Régis Clouzet, imagined a sustainable and evolutionary lighting in partnership with Philips Lighting. “With this subtle lighting design, carried out with our partner Vinci Energies Citéos, Philips contributes to bring a new signature to the night urban landscape of Paris”, says Benjamin Azoulay, CEO Philips Lighting France.

Philips was chosen for its expertise to create real luminous pictures. “Paris, city of light, was to equip its highest building with an innovative and sustainable lighting” continues Benjamin Azoulay.


The objective of the project is twofold: to create a pleasant atmosphere for the residents and to give back its prestigious character to the building by making it visible from a distance:

  • A vision of proximity: the implemented solution consists exclusively of products at direct vision iColor Accent. Fixtures are installed inside the building. To avoid any discomfort to the occupants, they have been integrated in an aesthetic box. In the daytime, luminaires are visible neither from the inside, nor from the outside.

  • A distant vision: 58 iColor Reach projectors have been installed on the top floor; they create a real breath in the heart of Paris. The new lighting is visible throughout the Paris region, approximately by 12 million inhabitants. The results go beyond the objectives set by Régis Clouzet, since the complete “outline” of the tower is visible from more than 8 km.



The lighting of the Tower in a few facts & figures:


972 dynamic led battens and 58 led projectors

Each led has a lifetime of 50 000 hours, namely 15 years of use

A luminance 3 times less than the initial solution

A light scenography composed of 40 000 connected pixels

Energy used for all of the 56 floors of this tower of 210 metres high will be the equivalent of 10 irons!

Extremely low consumption: less than 25 kWh, namely 0,3% of the consumption of the offices lighting of the Montparnasse Tower (against 4% currently) and 0,2% of the global power of the tower.


Do you have any other examples of global landmark buildings that have been enhanced with light?



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